My Husband Works With Heavy Equipment On A Construction Site. Are There Ways To Prevent Accidents Involving Heavy Equipment?

Yes. There are many ways to prevent heavy equipment accidents on construction sites. Unfortunately, many accidents on construction work sites involving heavy equipment occur because processes aren’t followed, safety standards are ignored, and people cut corners.

In order to reduce heavy equipment accidents, construction workers should do the following things:

  • Always lower loader attachments such as buckets, dump bodies, and bulldozer and scraper blades when not using the equipment
  • Always leave the controls in neutral when equipment is not in use
  • Inspect the braking system
  • Always set the parking brake when parking the equipment
  • All workers in the vicinity should wear bright colored clothing
  • Barricades and signs should be used to warn others of the work

Employers should make sure the equipment is inspected regularly and maintained. Additionally, contractors or the equipment owners should make sure that anyone who uses the equipment is trained and that the vehicle’s rated load or lift capacity is not exceeded.

Although these steps and tips should be followed on a construction site, sometimes workers cut corners or contractors fail to follow safety standards. If your husband is injured in a heavy equipment construction accident in Florida, he should contact a skilled Fort Lauderdale workers’ comp attorney. You can reach the Law Offices of David Benenfeld at [number type=”2″] or [number type=”1″] for a free consultation today.