My Husband Picked Up A Side Job Working On A Construction Site. He Comes Home With Different Injuries All The Time. What Should I Know About Workers’ Compensation Laws In Florida?

Workers’ compensation laws are complicated. Typically, most employees don’t take the time to read the “broken arm” poster often located in the break room behind the water cooler. More often, in certain fields such as remote areas of building construction, the worker’s compensation poster isn’t displayed.

Workers’ Compensation-Remember This!

  1. Employees CANNOT see their own physician. They must be treated by the physician designated by the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance to receive benefits.
  2. You may NOT receive your regular rate of pay if you accept a modified job.
  3. You are still covered if you were injured OFF the company’s premises while performing work-related duties. This includes vehicle accidents that require commuting during work hours.
  4. STRESS from work, if determined to be at least 50% to blame for an illness, can account for a workers’ compensation claim.
  5. Employees cannot be let go based on their DISABILITY if caused by a workplace hazard

Employees who are injured in the job due to workplace hazards are eligible for Florida workers’ compensation benefits. Call David Benenfeld now at [number type=”2″] or [number type=”1″].