My Collarbone Was Broken In A Crash. Does That Mean The Seat Belt Was Defective Or I Was Wearing It Wrong?

Seat belts are designed to sit snugly on your collarbone and chest. When a seat belt quickly locks up to keep you from flying forward in a collision, it can cause injuries to your collarbone, shoulder, upper abdomen, and even ribs.

If there is enough force placed on the collarbone during the accident, it can break. For example, if you were traveling at 70 miles per hour and your seat belt locked up upon impact, your seat belt and shoulder will receive the force of the collision. As a result, your shoulder may suffer a seat belt car crash-related injury such as a broken clavicle.

Additionally, shoulder injuries can occur during car crashes as a result of bracing for impact. By holding on tightly to the steering wheel right before the crash, it can cause your shoulder to dislocate, muscles to tear, and even broke bones to occur.

Broken collarbones are common yet serious injuries that occur in auto accidents. If you suffered a shoulder injury in a Fort Lauderdale car accident, you may be entitled to a financial recovery for your injuries.

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