I’ve Heard That Texting And Driving Is The Most Dangerous Thing Teen Drivers Can Do, But Aren’t There Other Distractions That Are Equally As Dangerous?

Yes. While texting and driving gets the most attention from the media, there are several other activities that can cause a teen driver to get distracted behind the wheel and crash. One of the biggest causes of distracted driving affecting teens, other than talking or texting on the phone, is driving with passengers in the car.

Having young passengers in a teen’s car increases the risk for a teen to crash. In fact, some researchers believe and several studies indicate that traveling with friends and other young passengers may be more dangerous than texting.

Other than that, eating, applying make-up, reaching for a purse or something in the car, selecting a radio station or navigation route, or using the internet are all things that teens do that can cause them to be distracted at the wheel and crash. While these things are in-vehicle distractions, there are also things outside of the car that can cause a teen driver to be distracted, such as:

  • Looking at Florida traffic crashes on the side of the road
  • Reading an interesting sign
  • Checking someone out in the car next to them
  • Looking at the scenery

Because anything can be distracting to a new teen driver, it is important that parents talk with their teens regularly about safe driving habits and how important it is to focus on driving distraction free.

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