I’ve Heard That Posting Pictures On Facebook Could Hurt My Slip And Fall Claim. Is This True?

Yes. Unfortunately, anything you put on Facebook can be accessed and is essentially open to the public, even if your settings are private. Once you have been injured in a slip and fall accident in Florida and filed a claim for damages, the insurance company will be investigating you.

Sometimes insurers hire private investigators to get as much information on you as possible to help them discredit your claim. They are looking for anything they can that will help them have a reason to deny your claim and stop from paying you the compensation you deserve. This means that even if you post a picture on Facebook showing that you were at a party, the insurer may question your injuries.

Insurance companies are notorious for trying to get away with paying people as little money as possible. They know that if they can discredit your claim or put doubt in a jury’s mind that you are making a false claim that they will be able to deny your claim or get off the hook with paying you less than what you deserve.

In order to save your Florida slip and fall claim and get the most money possible, think before you post anything. In fact, we recommend taking a break from social media or deactivating your accounts during your injury claim so that nothing could damage your case.

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