Is There Any New Information About Texting And Driving? What Should Drivers Know?

Texting and driving continues to be an issue that threatens everyone on the roadways. Unfortunately, the news hasn’t gotten any better in regards to this topic. In fact, more studies have been done focusing on texting while driving, revealing that young drivers aren’t the only ones guilty of texting behind the wheel. Surprisingly, more adults (who are experienced drivers) are also taking part in texting while driving.

The bad news is that older drivers are actually worse than younger drivers at texting and driving. While older drivers might assume they can handle reading or sending a quick text or email behind the wheel because they are experienced drivers, they need to think again. Although older drivers appeared worse at texting and driving in a study conducted by researchers at Wayne State University, anyone who reads or sends texts or emails while driving is likely to veer into other lanes, cross the center line into oncoming traffic, and increase their risk of crashing. This means that young and old drivers need to put down their phones while driving to protect themselves and others sharing the road with them.


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