Is Sleeping While Driving A Serious Problem In South Florida?

At least 250,000 people fall asleep at the wheel every day. Over 6,000 people are killed every year from sleepy drivers. Broward County drivers who don’t get at least six hours of nightly sleep are more likely to fall asleep while driving and get in an accident. A new phenomenon called “micro-sleep” occurs when drivers fall asleep for just a few seconds without realizing it.

Just last Sunday morning, a driver fell asleep driving on Interstate 95 near State Road 809, crashing his car into the concrete barrier. Upon impact, he then colliding into another innocent driver, causing his Impala to flip over and hit a tree. While the sleepy driver only sustained minor injuries, the driver of the Impala has been hospitalized and is in serious condition. Both drivers were in their early thirties and the accident remains under investigation.


If you’ve been involved in an accident which was caused by a sleepy or sleeping driver, contact David Benenfeld, P.A. We can help ensure you get the compensation you deserve.