Is Psychological Harassment Cause For Medical Leave And Workers’ Compensation?

Broward County employees who wrestle with a co-worker or boss who is repeatedly verbally abusive or hostile can sometimes warrant the need to take time off from work for a psychological mental leave. Depending on the case, employees may receive worker’s compensation if it is determined by a doctor that the patient is unable to perform his or her duties in a safe environment.

Bosses or co-workers may turn to bullying an employee, which is completely intolerable via OSHA’s standards for providing a safe environment. Medical reports prove that continuous psychological harassment in the workplace can cause severe anguish or exasperate an illness or injury. In these cases, an employee may submit a Florida workers’ compensation claim for lost wages.

In fact, a recent study showed that workplace bullying occurs in one out of every six employees. Almost 25% of employers have witnessed some form of bullying during any given day. Almost 40% of bullies are identified as the boss or employer, and over 55% of the victims were the employees.

If you have been a victim of workplace bullying and have needed time off from work, it is essential to speak with a skilled Broward County Workers’ Compensation Attorney who understands the complexity of this issue.

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