Is My Slip-and-Fall Case Going to Take Years to Finish? Is it Even Worth It?

Slip-and-fall claims depend on what your injuries are. As a general rule, if you’ve had a slip-and-fall claim and you have a soft tissue injury, which means you don’t have any broken bones, you don’t need surgery and you have conservative medical care, the doctors usually can finish with you with physical therapy anywhere between three to six months. At that point, a settlement proposal can be made to the other side, so as a general rule, you can be done within about a year.

For other cases where you have more significant injuries, if you have a broken bone, you need surgery, or you need injections, these claims generally take longer because the medical care takes longer. We can’t really settle a claim until we know the full value of somebody’s damages.

We can’t settle today for X amount of dollars if you’re still getting active medical care because, let’s assume for argument’s sake that you do settle the case and you settle it based on that somebody needs surgery and they have that surgery. Unfortunately, the doctor does something wrong in that surgery and, now, medical bills are enormous and much more than anticipated. If you had settled your case before the surgery there would have been a large problem.

It is never wise to ever settle any kind of slip-and-fall claim or any claim for that matter until you know the full extent of your damages. Once you do, then certainly it’s okay to settle the case but before that, you should not do it. If you have something beyond a soft tissue injury, it usually takes more than an year but, again, it all depends on how long it takes you to heal, which is based upon you, your body and the doctor and the medical care that you need and, ultimately, yes, it is worth it.


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