Is It Worth It To Hire An Auto Accident Lawyer?

Statistics show that the amount recovered will be far higher for someone who had an auto accident and hired the right attorney than it will be for someone who tried to handle their case without a lawyer, or with the wrong lawyer. People with auto accident claims who handle their cases themselves tend to get stuck in the legal process, because they don’t understand it.

Lawyers in auto accident cases do quite a lot; they deal with insurance adjusters for both sides, process no-fault applications and they talk to witnesses and take statements, but they also make sure the accident victim gets the proper medical care and that their injuries are fully and accurately documented. They also review their medical records, not just to make sure they were receiving the proper care, but also to make sure the doctors properly coded the treatment, so the insurance carrier can properly evaluate the claim, and they compile all of the evidence for the accident, including pictures of the accident scene and the damage to all vehicles involved in the accident.

Although it’s possible for an accident victim to do all of this without a lawyer, they would end up being penny wise and pound foolish, because the chance that they will do all of this the right way is pretty slim. They won’t know the proper things to say to the insurance adjusters or the proper evidence to gather because they won’t know how an insurance carrier evaluates a claim; it’s entirely possible that a statement they make to the insurance company could end up hurting them. Additionally, the average person won’t know how to deal with all of the medical examinations and the medical records properly, especially with regard to prior accidents and injuries and preexisting problems.

In the end, an experienced auto accident lawyer will know how to evaluate the case and what a proper recovery would be which includes compensation for injuries and economic loss. This would include any time they may have missed from work, which means they may have to get the proper documentation from their employer and they may have to hire an accountant or economic expert to get involved, as well as a vocational expert. It would be very difficult for the average person to deal with an auto accident case unless they were used to it.

It’s important to hire the right auto accident lawyer; one with a lot of experience in handling auto accident cases and with a track record of addressing all of the problems that may come up and fixing them. Also, make sure the attorney is available to answer any questions they may have. So call our offices today to speak with an experienced attorney who can handle your case.