Is It Legal To Drive Without Car Insurance?

In the state of Florida, drivers are required to carry proof of license, registration, and proper insurance. Often times, the police will set up checkpoints to monitor these safeguards. Last week, over 22 law enforcement agencies and state troopers set up a checkpoint and discovered more than a few drivers who weren’t carrying proof of insurance. The checkpoint in North Miami Beach is reported to be the largest one day operation staffed in Florida history. The focus was to charge drivers with fake insurance cards.

When an uninsured driver causes a Florida car accident, innocent drivers absorb their negligence. For this reason, the police are reported to be making greater efforts to help instill this standard in all drivers on the road. Insurance premiums continue to soar because of the plethora of uninsured drivers. Anyone driving who provides fake insurance to an officer is charged with a third degree felony.

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