In This Heat, I Heard That Reports Of Carjacking Have Increased. How Can I Prevent Becoming The Next Carjacking Victim In Broward County?

While crimes such as burglary, assault, and homicide may appear to be decreasing, carjacking is on the rapid increase. Carjacking is one of the most serious crimes, especially for those who are kidnapped, or have children who are kidnapped, within the stolen vehicle.


  1. BEFORE getting into your car, LOOK INSIDE, especially the back seat, to make sure a carjacker isn’t waiting for you.
  2. Parents who SIT and WAIT FOR THEIR KIDS in unlocked cars are easy targets. LOCK DOORS and DON’T SIT FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME.
  3. Carjacking victims who are kidnapped and put in trunks should KICK OUT TAILIGHTS and STICK OUT THEIR WAVING HANDS/ARMS to warn other drivers. This technique has proven to be effective in multiple cases.
  4. NEVER enter your car on the driver side when PARKED NEXT TO A VAN. Carjackers often pull victim into vans from your driver side.
  5. DO NOT get into your car when PARKED NEXT TO CAR WITH MALE DRIVER SITTING ALONE. Go back inside the store and return later with another person.

If you or your loved one has been a victim of a carjacking, contact our offices for a free consultation.