If Someone Is Rear-Ended, Is It Always The Other Driver’s Fault?

Always and never are two words which are rarely spoken by insurance company agents.

If someone is rear-ended in a Florida auto accident, then it is typically the other driver’s fault and he/she will be held liable for damages. Drivers who are rear-ended often second guess themselves, especially if they stopped suddenly.

However, FL traffic law does recommend that drivers be able to stop safely when the vehicle ahead stops without notice. If a driver is unable to stop in time, then insurance companies often assume that the person is not driving in the safest manner possible.

If there is damage to the front car’s rear-end, and the rear car’s front-end, then insurance companies are likely to determine sufficient proof that it was caused by the driver in the rear. In cases where a third car is involved in the rear-ending, then that driver may be at fault and you would possibly be able to file a claim against his or her insurance company.

Understanding rear-end auto accident liability is complicated and requires a Broward County auto accident attorney who specializes in these types of claims.