If My Daughter Was Hit Exiting A School Bus, When Is It Her Fault And When Is It A Driver’s Fault?

When children ride aboard a school bus, they often walk to the bus stop and back. Sometimes this involves children crossing over residential or busy streets to reach the school bus or to get home. For this reason, school buses typically have their red lights activated and the school bus stop sign extended from the back of the bus to notify drivers of cars to stop.

Unfortunately, many drivers fail to notice the flashing lights or stop sign, or they are in a hurry and decide to pass the school bus. When this happens and a child is getting off of a bus and crossing a street, the driver who hit the child is likely responsible. Most of the time, these types of accidents are the fault of drivers who are distracted at the wheel, speeding, tailgating, clueless about the laws, or are just driving carelessly.

Drivers need to be extra careful near school buses, school bus loading and unloading zones, and in school zones. When they fail to follow the road rules, yield to children, or drive safely around school buses and school zones, they need to be held accountable for their reckless actions.

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