If Both Drivers Were Injured In An Automobile Accident, How Do You Know Who Is At Fault?

When each driver is injured in a Broward County car accident, it may be difficult to determine who is at fault. If you are the only driver who is injured, then you are most likely not hurt. To determine who the responsible party is, auto insurance companies often evaluate the following accident conditions:

  1. Speeding-Did the driver exceed the speed limit?
  2. Obeying- Did the driver obey the traffic laws?
  3. Sobriety-Was the driver under influence of drugs or alcohol?
  4. License-Was the driver’s license expired or never issued?
  5. Distracted-Was the driver distracted by phone use, looking at a map, or applying makeup?

Often, individuals and even insurance companies find it difficult to understand who is at fault in a car accident. It is crucial that you contact an experienced Broward County Personal Injury Attorney who is skilled at examining all of the evidence. Contact David M. Benenfeld for a free consultation.