I wasn’t watching where I was going and slipped on the stairs and fell, but the staircase in the parking garage had a broken handrail. Can I file a slip and fall injury claim?

You may have a valid slip and fall injury claim; however, I would like to discuss the specifics of your case in more detail. Were you running, texting while walking, or doing something that would cause you from walking down the stairs in a safe manner? If you were taking every reasonable effort to stay up on two feet, you may have a claim.

It is fairly normal to walk down the stairs without staring at every step you take. You trust that the stairs are there and in good condition, and if you did trip, you know the handrail would be there to grab so you could break your fall. If the handrail was broken or missing, the property owner could be liable for your injuries.

Even if the property owner didn’t know about the broken handrail, he or she could still be responsible for failing to pay proper attention to the premises. Property owners have a duty to care for their grounds so that people do not suffer needless injuries that could have been prevented with upkeep and care.

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