I Was Shopping In A Grocery Store In Broward County And Slipped And Fell From Water That Was On The Ground. I Hit My Head And Fell On My Back. Now I Am Under Medical Care And In Severe Constant Pain. Do I Have A Claim Against The Store?

A: A Broward County slip and fall claim against a grocery store is possible providing certain things can be proven. There are many factors that must be present when filing a claim against any property owner.

The location of your slip and fall accident should have had a warning sign indicating there was water on the ground.  Water on the floor in a grocery store can be from water in the produce department that has spilled on the floor.  Also a just mopped floor or an item with liquid that has fallen off the shelves can cause someone to slip and fall.  If there was no warning of this hazard and you slipped and fell, the owner can be help liable.

Getting witnesses and checking to see if there was a security camera is helpful when pursuing a slip and fall claim.  An experienced Broward County premises liability attorney can help you in gathering items you will need to file a claim to collect compensation for your injuries.

It is important to remember that if the case goes to court and the store owner claims that you were partially responsible for the accident, the damages could be reduced.

Filing a claim within the statute of limitations is important.  That is why you need to seek the advice of a skilled Broward County slip and fall premises liability lawyer.

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