I Was Recently Injured At Work And Filed A Workers’ Compensation Claim. Now My Boss Is Refuting That My Injury Occurred At Work And It Looks Like My Claim May Be Denied. What Should I Do Next? How Do I Know If The Insurance Company Will Give Me All Of The Benefits I Am Entitled To?

The Florida’s Workers’ Compensation Act is in place to assure employees of proper provision of benefits if injured on the job. Nonetheless, Florida’s employers and their insurance companies aren’t especially eager to dole out money, even to those who are rightfully entitled to it.

Most claims are denied because they are not reported in a timely matter. The second most common reason for denial occurs when the employer disputes the claim. In the best case scenario, the employee has a witness and a doctor’s statement attributing the injury to work.  However, many cases don’t fall within those perimeters and require expertise beyond that of a co-worker or boss.

Secondly, even if the employer does not refute the injury, the insurance company is likely to diminish the severity and attempt to reduce the degree of coverage for lost wages and medical expenses. To best acquire the benefits you are entitled, it is wise to consult an expert Broward County workers’ compensation attorney who is skilled in making sure you do not settle for less.


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