I Was Rear-Ended In A Florida Car Crash, And Suffered A Back Injury. What Is My Case Worth?

A: Typically the vehicle that rear-ends another car is often found negligent; however, there have been some circumstances in which this is not the case. In order to determine negligence, we will need to sit down with you to find out your car accident details.

If it is determined that the other driver was negligent in your case, you will most likely be provided with compensation for your injuries.  This compensation may cover your medical bills, instances of pain and suffering, if you lost income due to time away from work, and if you need ongoing care such as physical therapy.

We will not be able to give you an exact value for your case until we have all the information regarding the extent of your injuries, if you will need a future surgery, if you were released from your doctor’s care, and what damages you incurred.

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