I Was Involved In An Auto Accident In Broward County. I Was Broadsided By Another Vehicle. My Car Flipped Over And I Sustained Severe Injuries That Left Me Paralyzed. What Can I Collect From These Injuries?

A: I am so sorry to hear about your auto accident in Broward County that left you paralyzed.  It appears that you may have a claim that can compensate you for your injuries.

Florida is a no-fault state.  That means that when a person is involved in a car accident each driver generally seeks compensation from their own insurance carrier.  That is unless there are serious personal injuries involved. In that case a person would be eligible to sue for damages that fall into an economic and non-economic category.

A serious injury would include anything that is permanent such as scarring or a permanent physical impairment such as paralysis, severed ligaments, etc.

It is important to talk with an experienced Broward County personal injury attorney that can review your case.  The amount of compensation that you can receive is based on many factors.  A skilled Broward County personal injury lawyer can assist you with your case to help you recover damages.


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