I Was Involved In A Broward County Car Accident. Only One Airbag Deployed On The Passenger Side. My Airbag Never Deployed And I Was Injured. Could This Have Happened As A Result Of A Defective Product In The Car? What Can I Do?

A: There is a possibility that the airbag that was installed in your car may have been a defective product. Airbags are meant to be activated and deploy upon the impact of a collision.

Inspections are supposed to be conducted before a vehicle is released for the public to buy. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to make sure there are no flaws in any of their products.

Contact David Benenfeld, a Broward County personal injury lawyer that can investigate the cause of the accident and if a defective product was to blame.  If the injury was a result of an airbag that was a defective product, this law can hold the manufacturers, designers, distributors, and suppliers liable for damages.