I Was Injured On The Job Recently And Just Found Out I’ll Be Receiving Workers’ Compensation Benefits. When Will I Get My First Check? Do I Pay The Medical Bills And Then Get Reimbursed After? Will I Have To Pay Income Tax?

  1. Under Florida Statutes Section 440.20:  You should receive your first check within 21 days of reporting the injury to your employer. If you don’t receive your check, it is vital to contact a skilled Florida Workers’ Compensation Attorney.
  2. Employees must be seen by medical professionals through workers’ compensation. You will not be treated by your personal doctor. Additionally, you will not need to put up any money up front. Instead, all expenses will be paid directly through your workers’ compensation insurance.
  3. Employees who collect workers’ compensation benefits do not pay income tax. But, if you return to work part time or on lighter duty, you will need to pay taxes on those wages earned during employment.

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