I Was Injured In An Accident And The Driver Admitted To Having One Beer Before He Drove. Although He Wasn’t Considered Drunk, What Are My Rights To Hold Him Accountable?

It’s a sad reality, but even any amount of alcohol can affect a driver’s reactions, ability to drive safely, and have clear judgment. Even though a driver might be under the legal limit or may even blow a .01 or .02 BAC on the breathalyzer test, there are studies that indicate that even the smallest amount of alcohol consumption can lead to car crashes.

Because of studies like the one recently published in the journal Injury Prevention, there is proof that drivers who have consumed any amount of alcohol are more likely to be considered at fault in a crash than sober drivers. The study indicates that “buzzed” driving, in which a driver has a BAC significantly lower than .08 percent—even a BAC of a mere .01 percent  to .05 percent—may still be found at fault for a crash.

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