I Was In Town Visiting My Mother And Rented A Car To Get Around Town. The Tire On The Rental Car Blew Out And Caused Me To Crash. Do I Have A Legal Claim?

Tire blowouts can occur for various reasons from defective tires to improperly maintained tires.  As a result, you may have a legal claim against the rental car company or tire manufacturer, if the tires are determined to be defective.

The rental car company is required to provide their customers with well-maintained vehicles that have been inspected, serviced, and are in safe working condition. If they fail to rotate tires, maintain correct tire pressure, notice cracks in sidewalls, properly maintain tires, or replace old tires, you may have a legal claim against the rental car company.

Unfortunately, rental companies are always looking to make more money, even if that involves saving money at your expense. It is not uncommon for rental car companies to put their profits ahead of your safety. If you believe they did this, you may choose to bring a lawsuit against them in order to hold them liable for their careless choices.

It is important to hire an experienced accident attorney to make sure the evidence is secured, the tire is inspected, and that you hold the right party accountable. For example, the rental car company might not be the correct party to blame. Sometimes, the tire manufacturer could be liable if the tire is determined to be defective.

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