I Was Dazed After Being Involved In A South Florida Car Accident. When I Got Out Of My Car I Can Barely Remember What I Said. How Do I Know What To Say To The Other Driver After A Car Accident In Florida And What To Look For?

It is not unusual to be dazed and shaken up after being involved in an auto accident in Florida or any other state.  The most important thing to remember is to use caution as to what words you will use.  For example you don’t want to say, “I didn’t see you”, or “The sun was in my eyes” etc.

By immediately admitting that you had some problem or issue when driving can hurt any claim you may want to seek—especially if the reality was the other driver was at fault.

Listen and take notes on what the other driver says and how the driver is acting.  If you note that the other driver may have been intoxicated with alcohol or drugs, notify the police.  If a medical issue appears to be the problem, contact not only the police but any other emergency personnel immediately.

Take notes if any of these types of comments are said by the other driver:

  • It was my fault and I am sorry
  • I was on my cell phone
  • I was late for an appointment
  • The sun was in my eyes
  • I was going too fast
  • I was distracted by something
  • I didn’t see you

Whatever comments are said, it can be used to help you with your case.  This is true especially if you have been injured.

If you have been involved in a South Florida car accident it is important to contact a South Florida personal injury attorney to help you receive the compensation you deserve.

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