I Tore My Bicep On The Job And Went Through Surgery. What Should I Know About Possible Complications And Returning To Work?

It is possible for you to return to work following a bicep tendon tear; however, you need to make sure you receive the proper rest and rehabilitation after your surgery before going back to work. Make sure you follow the doctor’s orders and attend all of your physical therapy sessions and have reached maximum medical improvement, which occurs once your condition cannot be improved any further. Sometimes this can occur in as quickly as three to four months; however, it can take longer depending on the injury and complications.

If you have any complications after the surgery, your healing and recovery time will be longer and you will not be able to return to work as soon as you would like. For example, a doctor may have failed to recognize that a tear to the rotator cuff occurred in addition to your bicep tendon tear.  You may have already had one surgery when your doctor discovers you now need another, which can add to your recovery time. Other complications can include surgical complications such as infections, anesthesia issues, and nerve injuries.

When complications during surgery or following surgery occur, you may be unable to return to your previous job and make the same type of living. This is why it is critical that you speak with a knowledgeable Broward County workers’ compensation lawyer to learn about your rights and make sure you get the best compensation possible.

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