I Slipped And Fell On A Pool Of Liquid At A Restaurant And Broke My Arm. Who Is Responsible For My Injuries And Lost Wages Because I Can’t Work Right Now?

A: Situations that involve slip and fall accidents are sometimes hard to prove, which is why it is a good idea to talk with a legal professional skilled in Florida slip and fall accidents. Did the restaurant know that there was spilled liquid on the ground? Were they told and didn’t caution customer or rope the area off? Did a server or other employee of the restaurant spill the liquid themselves? All of these questions need to be answered in order to find out if you can hold someone responsible for your injuries.

Immediately after a slip and fall in South Florida, it is crucial to take pictures of the accident scene, get witnesses’ contact information and inform the restaurant manager of your accident and injuries. It is also critical to seek medical help, which will not only benefit your health but your premises liability case.

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