I Slipped And Fell At Work In Florida And My Head Feels Weird Since The Accident. How Can I Tell If I Suffered A Head Injury?

A: Head traumas frequently occur in slip and fall accidents in Florida and throughout this nation. This is because the human head is generally one of the first things that hits the floor, often bearing the brunt of the injury. Anytime you hit your head in a fall accident in South Florida, you should get a medical examination immediately.

When you arrive at the emergency room or your doctor’s office, tell them that you hit your head. Head traumas need to be looked at immediately, since they can be life threatening. Signs of head trauma should not be taken lightly. These signs include concussion, contusion (bruising inside the brain), scalp wounds, and actual skull fractures.

Sometimes you cannot see any physical signs of a head injury, and it can often go overlooked. However, bleeding may be occurring on the inside, and symptoms may start developing over the next several hours or days. It is wise to get to a doctor immediately in order to get the necessary tests that can determine if you have a head trauma following your South Florida slip and fall accident.

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