I Recently Heard Of A Baby That Was Found After A Carjacking Incident. How Can I Best Prevent Being Carjacked?

Over 50,000 carjacks are reported every year, according to the National Crime Victimization Survey. Florida news just reported a case of carjacking from BP Gas Station in Fort Lauderdale to Deerfield Beach. The driver was apparently just sitting in his car when the carjacker forced him out of his car and drove off.

5 Tips to Avoid FL Carjacking

  1. Keep doors LOCKED and windows UP at stop signs, red lights, and gas stations.
  2. Appear CONFIDENT and in CONTROL, especially if you are lost.
  3. Don’t drive alone, especially at night.
  4. Place purse and valuables in TRUNK-not on or under the seat.
  5. At gas station, lock car when paying.

If you have been a victim of carjacking in Broward County, it is vital to speak with a qualified Florida Carjacking Attorney who understands how to best navigate your rights for your case. Contact the office of David Benenfeld today and schedule a free consultation.