I Recently Heard About The “Hit And Run” Driver On The Road Who Is A Repeat Offender. The News Said He Had Already Been Convicted Of Causing A Deadly Crash Just Two Years Ago. Why Was The Driver Allowed Back On The Road? What Are The Consequences Of A Florida Hit And Run?

The hit and run news story you are referring to involved a driver who has a history of driving recklessly for over 13 years, including a DUI and speeding. Since he was knowingly driving without a license, he faces a one year conviction sentence in prison. In this particular case, it appears as if the DMV may be part of the problem since they had the hit and run driver listed under two different names.

Florida’s Hit and Run statue, section 316.027, states:

  1. Driver causing injury or accident must remain at the scene until authorized to leave.
  2. Anyone who commits hit and run which involves death is guilty of first degree felony.

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