I Read That David Cassidy From The Show Partridge Family Was Recently Pulled Over In NY For A DUI And It Was Treated As A Felony. How Can I Spot A DUI Driver?

Anyone who grew up during the 70’s remembers that David Cassidy was once every teenage girl’s heartthrob. Now a resident of Fort Lauderdale, he was recently charged with drunk driving this week. Since this celebrity has previous DUI convictions, this conviction will be treated as a felony DUI. Back in 2010, a Florida Highway Patrol trooper spotted Cassidy’s Mercedes swerving off the turnpike in St. Lucie and he was issued a DUI. This week, the officer said Cassidy failed to dim his high beam headlights, which is a key indicator of drunk driving.

Thankfully, Cassidy didn’t hurt himself or anyone else while driving drunk. In America alone, 27 people die every day from drunk driving. According to MADD, almost half of all drivers killed in car crashes tested positive for drugs or alcohol.

How to spot a DUI driver in Broward County

  1. Drunk driver stops in middle of road without cause
  2. Drunk driver going wrong way on a one-way street
  3. Drunk driver straddles line between two lanes
  4. Drunk driver fails to dim headlights
  5. Drunk driver travels well below speed limit

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