I May Not Ever Be Able to Walk or Work the Same Way Again. How Will I Get Compensated?

For most people that have significant incidents or significant trip and falls, and each person is different, it usually leaves them with a residual that they have for the rest of their life. You get compensated by filing your claim against the negligent party or the entity that caused the accident and after analysis of what your medical issues are, after analysis of how the accident happened, after analysis of what your lost wages will be, what your pain and suffering will be over the course of your life, these are then put together and presented to the insurance company and settlement offers are made.

Ultimately, it’s up to you as the client to decide whether or not you wish to accept their settlement offer. If you do, case is over and done with. If not, a lawsuit is filed and then, ultimately, it’s up to a jury to decide what the value of all these different things is such as, again, your lost wages over the course of your life, the change of life circumstances, the pain and suffering that you have, if you’re married, your spouse’s claim for you and how your life has changed, how you guys interact together etc.

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