I Fell On A Slippery Floor At The Supermarket. How Much Is My Broken Tailbone Injury Claim Worth?

It depends. Before you can discuss the value of a case, clear liability needs to be established. This means that you would need to show that the store knew about the dangerous floor condition and didn’t warn customers that the floor was slippery. Sometimes this can be done through witnesses or by recovering the store’s video footage.

In order to collect the evidence that you need to secure compensation, you should hire a Florida slip and fall injury lawyer to request the video footage and help you establish your case against the grocery store. An attorney will know what to look for and how to strengthen your case.

It is important to note that not all slip and fall injury claims are worth the same amount. The value of your injury claim will be based on the extent of your injuries, medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and future medical expenses or lost income. For example, the insurance company for the store may offer to reimburse you for all of your hospital bills, x-rays and tests, medications, surgery, and physical therapy expenses. While this may sound tempting to accept, you may have also suffered lost wages and pain and suffering that you need to collect for.

Because it can be complicated assigning a dollar amount to pain and suffering, you need to seek the legal advice of a skilled attorney. A lawyer can get a doctor to testify or obtain a doctor’s report testifying to the severity of pain you are experiencing to support your claim.

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