I Fell Down The Stairs At My Apartment Complex Because I Couldnt See Where I Was Going. There Were No Lights In The Stairway. Should My Injuries Be Covered By My Apartment Complex?

A: The owners and managers of apartment complexes have a duty to their tenants to maintain the property so that residents and guests of residents do not slip and fall from a hazard they could have prevented. Poor lighting is one such hazard that could have been prevented by regular maintenance of the property.

Whether there is faulty lighting, a bulb that burnt out, poor lighting or no lighting in the staircase, it is the responsibility of the apartment complex to fix it so that you and other residents are free from danger and do not get injured in a Florida slip and fall accident.

If their lack of maintenance and keeping the apartment complex free of hazards caused your injury, then you should seek justice, especially if your injuries are causing you to incur medical bills, lost wages due to time off of work, surgery or physical therapy expenses.

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