I Don’t Think The Escalator Safety Stop Worked When My Son Was Injured At The Mall. What Should I Know About Escalator Accidents And Liability?

Children and older adults are often the ones injured in escalator accidents. In fact, there are about 20,000 injuries that take place on escalators and elevators every year. While some are caused by loose clothing getting stuck in the steps or on the sides of the escalator, other injuries are caused due to malfunctioning equipment.

There should be an emergency stop button (a large red button) located on either end of each escalator. This button when pressed should stop the machine during an emergency. If you or someone pressed this button and the machine did not stop and caused your son worse injuries, then there is most likely someone liable for this malfunction.

Generally, there are three parties that could be held liable for Florida escalator accidents and injuries including:

  • Building owner of where the escalator is located
  • Maintenance company or technician who works on the escalator
  • Manufacturer of any faulty or defective escalator parts

If the escalator stopped suddenly or started moving in the opposite direction that caused your son to get injured, then this is a Florida premises liability case. However, if something else caused your son to get stuck in the escalator but the emergency button didn’t work, then you may still have a premises liability lawsuit.

We would need to check into whether the system failed due to a defective part or maintenance was not done or was done improperly in order to help you determine liability and seek compensation for your son’s injuries.

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