I Didn’t Realize That I Broke My Rib In The Car Accident Until Weeks Later. I Was In Pain, But Thought It Would Go Away. I Now Found Out That The Rib Punctured An Organ And That I Need Surgery. Will The Other Driver Pay For My Medical Bills?

A: Car accidents in Florida and throughout the U.S. cause internal injuries every day. Sometimes internal injuries are so painful that they will cause you to see a doctor immediately and other times moderate pain just lingers. This is why it is always important to visit the doctor or the emergency room as soon as possible after going through any type of auto accident.

Just because you didn’t realize you were badly injured until weeks later doesn’t mean that you don’t have a right to pursue a personal injury claim. If the other driver is found to be negligent in causing the Florida crash, you do have a right to pursue compensation.

Although insurance companies may question your injuries because of the delay in seeking medical treatment, a South Florida injury lawyer may help strengthen your case and will explain what you should and shouldn’t say to the insurance company.


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