I Broke Some Bones In A Car Crash Caused By A Reckless Driver, But I Didn’t Realize That I Had Chest Pain For Several Days. Can I Still Get Compensated For My Chest Injuries, Or Is It Too Late?

If you are feeling pain in your chest, it is critical that you get to the hospital or your primary care doctor immediately. Sometimes chest pains are just from internal bruising; however, chest trauma could be the result of a broken rib, internal bleeding, punctured lung or other internal injury.

If a car accident in Florida had enough force to cause broken bones, do not be surprised if more injuries start popping up after the adrenaline has left your body and your swelling has started going down. Sometimes other injuries do not start showing up right away.

You may still be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries, medical bills, lost income due to time off of work, physical therapy and more, if you have not signed any paperwork with the insurance company.

Often times, insurance companies will contact you right away and offer you a settlement. They know that if they get you to sign the final settlement paperwork quickly that they might escape paying for injuries that are slow showing up. If you haven’t signed anything with them, don’t.

It is in your best interest to go to a doctor to get your chest injuries checked out and then call a South Florida personal injury lawyer to help you understand your rights and what your claim may be worth.

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