I Always Thought More Was Better When It Comes To Airbags. Is It True That Airbags Have Been Found To Kill Passengers, Namely Children?

Regrettably, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) also reports a distressing link between airbags and children who die in auto accidents. For this reason alone, the NHTSA is expected to provide new mandates which improve airbag design and simultaneously eliminate the possibility of childhood death, which has been found to occur at low speed crashes.

What can parents do? It goes without saying, always keep your child buckled up, this will greatly reduce the chances of childhood injury and death from an airbag. That’s because the worst airbag injuries occur within two inches of deployment. Secondly, it’s safest for children to be placed in the backseat, and in their own child car seat. If it’s not possible to place the child in the backseat, such as a truck, remember to switch the airbag to “OFF”.

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