How Should I Talk With My Teen Son About The Dangers Of Driving After Using Marijuana?

As many states in this nation have made marijuana medically legal—and the state of Florida is looking at doing the same thing—many teenagers don’t consider marijuana harmful. This perception among teenagers that marijuana doesn’t pose any harm is causing more teens to smoke pot. Unfortunately, many teens use marijuana and then get behind the wheel of their cars to drive.

What teens don’t realize is that marijuana is considered impaired driving and illegal. Additionally, driving after smoking pot can cause teen drivers a delay in their reactions. Teens may feel they are driving slower than they really are. Additionally, their judgment may be impaired. This is why parents of teen drivers should warn their teens of the risks of driving impaired in Florida, including:

  • Crashing. Because pot can change a driver’s mental state of mind, a drugged driver is more likely to cause a car crash than a sober driver. Additionally, marijuana use is linked to more wrecks than any other substances besides alcohol.
  • DUI. Driving while smoking pot or even hours after using marijuana can result in a DUI and a permanent criminal record. This can hurt a teenager’s chances of getting a dream job. Additionally, a teen driver can lose his license and even go to jail if caught driving stoned.
  • Hurt someone else. While a teen might not think he will get hurt, it is important to point out that he could hurt an innocent child or family sharing the road with him.

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