How Much Effort Is A Property Owner Expected To Put Forth In Order To Prevent Slip And Fall Accidents In South Florida?

According to the law, property owners must show a “reasonable” amount of effort to keep the grounds clean and safe. Specific details examined by a qualified Broward County slip and fall attorney will consider the following questions listed below.

  1. Does the property owner have a routine procedure for repairing and cleaning the grounds? Can they provide proof of cleaning and maintenance records?
  2. Let’s say someone tripped and fell over hazardous flooring (e.g., torn carpet, wet floor, cracked flooring). For how much time was the area left unattended? Did the property owner have a “reasonable” amount of time to become aware of the condition and remedy the situation?
  3. If an object was left in an area that caused a trip and fall, was it placed there for a reason by which the owner can justify was necessary?
  4. If the object was deemed to be placed where it was, could the store owner have placed some sort of warning or covering to prevent the fall?
  5. Did the slip and fall accident occur due to poor lighting?

If the slip and fall victim is able to answer “yes” to any of the above questions, he or she may have grounds for a strong personal injury case.

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