How Do I Answer Questions From An Insurance Claims Adjuster After Being Injured In An Auto Accident In Fort Lauderdale?

Beware of an insurance adjuster!  An insurance adjuster is not your friend and may make a call to you acting as if you are buddies.

They have been trained quite well to minimize the amount of money that they will pay out to personal injury victims.  Their main objective is to save the company money.

When you make a statement to a claims adjuster, he or she will more than likely come back with some sort of loaded question.

They may ask questions such as:

  • Did you see the vehicle coming when it hit you?
  • Was the sun in your eyes?
  • Did you have any prior aches and pains prior to the accident?
  • What do you think your liability is?

Under no circumstance should you release any medical records to an adjuster or give out the name of your physician.

When settling a claim, the insurance company may offer you a certain amount to accept as payment to make you go away.  DON’T TAKE IT!

A Fort Lauderdale auto accident attorney should be contacted to evaluate your auto accident claim and to help you make the right decision as to a settlement amount.  In most cases, it is more than what the insurance company will offer.

If you have been injured in an auto accident in Florida, contact the Law Offices of David Benenfeld, a personal injury attorney in Broward County, to assist you with your claim.  CALL: [number type=”1″] or [number type=”1″].