How Do Falling Merchandise Injuries Occur?

Many stores stack their inventory high on shelves above the ground. Sometimes, these shelves are 15 feet or higher above eye-level, which is why customers typically don’t stop to think about the merchandise that is stacked above their heads. Unfortunately, merchandise has fallen off of stores’ shelves and onto people below—causing serious injuries.

Some of the reasons why falling merchandise injuries in Florida occur include:

  • Unsecured merchandise. Sometimes stores do not use nets, railings or other boundaries around stacks of merchandise. As a result, products can shift and fall to the ground on top of customers. This is why stores should use some sort of security device around stacks of merchandise.
  • Improperly stacked merchandise. When merchandise gets stacked up on the shelves above the aisles, employees have to use ladders and lifts to get the products down. Sometimes, items may shift during the process and tumble onto the sales floor below.
  • Lack of warning. If a store is aware of an unsafe condition with stacks of merchandise but doesn’t put out warning signs to keep customers out of the unsafe area, shoppers may walk into a dangerous situation.
  • Triggers.  Sometimes earthquakes, vibrations, or shopping carts or equipment crushing against shelves can cause products to come tumbling down, injuring shoppers.

If you or someone you love has been injured by falling merchandise in a store, you need to seek the advice of knowledgeable South Florida premises liability lawyer, David Benenfeld.