How Can We Prove That The Driver Who Hit Our Car And Caused My Mom To Suffer Severe Injuries Was Texting?

It is very difficult to prove that someone else is texting and driving in Florida unless they admit to it. The law in this state makes texting and driving a second offense, and the law doesn’t apply at stoplights. This makes it really difficult for police officers to charge a driver with texting and driving, and investigators cannot access a driver’s cell phone logs based on suspicion.

But when a driver runs a red light or does something else against the law, a police officer can cite the driver for texting. Unfortunately, the citation only carries with it a $100 fine and no points are added to a driver’s license. However, if the driver that is texting causes a crash that leads to an injury or death, an officer of the law can issue a citation to the driver. Even if the driver doesn’t admit to texting while driving, if injury or death occurs, a driver’s cell phone records can be accessed.


Contact the Law Offices of David M. Benefeld. We can investigate a car crash to determine who was at fault and if they were texting while driving or not. If the accident was their fault, we can get you the compensation you deserve.