How Can I Prevent Getting Heat Stroke At Work?

There are numerous life saving preventative measures that both employees and their employers can take to guard against heat-related illness including heat stroke.

Recommendations for Florida Employers to Stay Cool
1.    Provide employees with plenty of cool water.
2.    Provide employees with routine breaks in the shade or air conditioning.
3.    Monitor employees who are more prone to heat illness symptoms.
4.    Reduce physical demands of employees during summer months.
5.    Schedule heaviest work during coolest months and periods of the day.

Recommendations for Florida Employees to Stay Cool
1.    Dress smart. Wear light colors and light weight clothing such as cotton.
2.    Don’t play the tough guy. Take your breaks. It’s the law.
3.    Drink water. At least one cup water per 15 minutes during the heat.
4.    Don’t over-do it. Start off with light work and gradually build up to heavier work.
5.    Schedule heaviest jobs for coolest parts of the day.

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