For Over Two Years I Have Been Struggling With Back Pain. I Have Been Diagnosed With A Herniated Disc. The Pain Is So Bad, And No Treatment Has Helped. I Have Been Unable To Work For The Past Several Months. Am I Eligible For Disability Benefits?

A: There are several things that the Social Security Administration looks for when reviewing a person’s eligibility to receive disability benefits.
A person suffering with a herniated disc depending on the severity of it may qualify for the Social Security disability program.
The Social Security Administration follows many guidelines in determining their decision on who qualifies for disability benefits.

One of the main things the Social Security Administration is looking for is your medical records.  Your records will reveal all of your medical reports including x-rays, MRI’s and CT scans.  Also in the report it should reveal what treatments you have had and what the outcome was.

When the Social Security Administration concludes their investigation and it has been proven that you are no longer able to work, disability benefits may be awarded.
The process is lengthy and detailed.  It is important that you have an experienced Florida Social Security disability attorney review your case and help you get your claim approved. Contact Attorney David M. Benenfeld to discuss whether or not you have a case for SS disability. If you do, we can help you file the paperwork and get the compensation you deserve.