Does Florida State Law Permit Texting And Driving?

No, Florida is only one out of five states that do not currently have a law that prohibits texting and driving. Research findings reveal that over 25,000 injuries result from cell phone usage every year, accounting for an estimated 4,000 deaths, as well. Although only ten states have completely banned hand held cell phone usage by all drivers, most states have instituted some sort of law that bans texting while driving.

Since accident research provides proof that texting and cell phone usage of any sort is unsafe and makes drivers inattentive, some question why Florida is late in approving the law. Certain groups are objecting due to the government’s role in imposing more safety laws.  Last month, Senator Nancy Detert (R-Venice), filed a bill measure SB 52, which would ban drivers from manually typing or reading texts and emails.

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