Do Respiratory Problems Qualify For Workers’ Compensation In Florida?

Answer: Workers’ compensation is a system provided to help you recover benefits for injuries that occur on the job. Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system. In other words, to the insurance company, it doesn’t matter who caused the injury, accident, or sickness. Benefits are provided to the employee regardless of fault.

Broward County employees frequently develop respiratory problems from being exposed to harmful substances within the workplace. Most employees assume they have to have a physical injury, such as a severe burn or broken leg, in order to qualify for workers’ compensation.

However, employees who develop respiratory problems caused by their job may also qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. Still, often the employer or insurance company does not easily cooperate with the employee. The individual can easily feel like he or she is getting the run around without having the benefit of relying on a skilled advocate. In many cases, it becomes essential to contact a Broward County Workers’ Compensation Attorney who specializes in respiratory problems.

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