Can I Still Collect Workers’ Compensation Even If I Wasn’t Wearing My Hard Hat At The Time Of The Accident?

Yes. When a work accident occurs—no matter who is at fault—an injured worker can receive workers’ compensation benefits in Florida, so long as your employer has workers’ compensation coverage. Construction workers and other types of employees frequently collect these benefits to cover their medical expenses, wage loss, rehabilitation, and other damages as a result of their work injury.

Although your company may have provided personal protective equipment such as a hard hat and told you to wear it, and it is your job to follow safety procedures and use the protective equipment they provide and the job requires, workers’ comp benefits in Florida are still paid to employees whose injuries are the result of their own haste and inattentiveness.

Sometimes employers try to get out of paying benefits by blaming employees or stating their willful misconduct caused the accident. If you are having a difficult time getting the benefits you deserve following your South Florida work injury, you should speak with an experienced Broward County workers’ compensation attorney about your specific situation.

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