Can I File A Claim For A Slip And Fall Accident In Broward County After Being Injured In A Store That Had A Liquid Substance On The Floor? I Was Walking Down An Aisle And Lost My Footing From Oil On The Floor. I Fell And Hurt My Head And Back. Is The Store Liable?

The best thing to do is contact a Broward County slip and fall attorney as soon as possible.  In order to collect compensation from a claim, you must prove that the accident was a result of negligence from the store.

Anytime there is a dangerous hazardous situation that can be avoided, it is up to the business or property owner to alert the public of such hazards.  If a person is injured on the property and it is proven that the defendant was to blame, you may be eligible to file a claim.

Medical expenses and loss of pay can quickly add up.  That is why you need to get the help from an experienced slip and fall attorney who can interview witnesses, take photographs of the store and review surveillance tapes.

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