Can I Collect Compensation For My Seat Belt Collarbone Injuries That Occurred In The Crash?

Yes. If your collarbone was injured in a Florida crash, even if it was the result of your seat belt, you may include the injury as part of your personal injury claim. Your seat belt may have caused your shoulder injury, but it wouldn’t have occurred unless you were involved in a collision.

In Florida, you have 14 days to see a doctor and get checked out for your injuries. Make sure the doctor knows you were in a crash and that you suffered an injury to your shoulder. This way, he or she should provide you with a full examination to determine if there are any other injuries you incurred.

Before you accept any amount of money from the insurance company for compensation after your Florida crash, make sure you are accounting for any additional injuries from the seat belt or that occurred in the wreck, such as nerve injuries and other fractures. You should be entitled to full compensation for your medical expenses including your ER bill, surgical expenses, rehabilitation costs, lost income, and other damages.

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